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Kobastar was established in 2000 with a professional team for weighing scale manufacturing. Kobastar is manufacturing variety of products to answer the needs of the sector that have increased over time. Kobastar is producing today wide range of 10 Kg to 200 tons weighing systems and moving forward always with the goal to do better. We are as Kobastar team, giving our best to produce top quality OIML, CE and 2009/23 EC certified weighing systems for you because your trust and time is sacred to us. In producing process of all our products, all test and quality checks made by our professional team to ensure best qualty for your work. As much as producing weighing systems, KOBASTAR gives its best to R&D studies to do better productions. KOBASTAR is producing load cells all by itself to improve both brand name and national industry. As KOBASTAR Team, we are thank you to our customers who trusted us, KOBASTAR will always follow its guiding principle ” BEST QUALTY, BEST SUPPORT” to carry you and us to the future.


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