We work as the first and greatest producer of Evaporative Cellulose Cooling Pads in the Middle East. We are one of few companies those has the knowledge to produce cooling pads for power stations. We’re an international company located in Iran, Iraq, Poland and Pakistan. We supply our raw materials (papers) from Scandinavian countries like Finland, and apply Full-Automatic production line, beside the experienced production team. I researched about you and it’s important for us to work with those who care about quality and it will be my pleasure to be on your side in your new projects. We trust our product, so we can offer you Guarantee services too. We are looking for a long-term relationship with you, therefore we serve you with two factors of High Quality and Competitive Price (By producing on the large scale). Keeping our customers satisfied is one of our most important priorities.


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  • Authorized Person: Abtin Ehteshamzadeh

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