Köylü Tarim Makinalari

"Ozer company founded in 1964 has changed the name of the machine moved to Karatay Industry in 1981 as the trade name Peasant Agricultural Machinery. In 1995, the villagers incorporated in Agriculture 1997 2nd factory was moved to continue its current activities in the Organized Industrial Zone. Peasant Agricultural Machinery Industry and Trade Co. Ltd. Sti. 1,800 m² 4,000 m² area has been the production. All products according to the criteria TSE and TUVCERT peasant agriculture producing high quality products at reasonable prices standards Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, Beet Cooperative and through more than 250 dealers are offering to customers. Peasant agriculture, particularly the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Uruguay, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and export to many countries from 4 continents, including Yemen. Since its inception, the philosophy of continuous improvement by moving peasant agriculture, the production technology developed by continuous investment in human resources as well as the always aims to produce the best"


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