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"Kubota started its commercial activities by producing and selling metal casting products. Since then we have been producing various products that will contribute to the improvement of human life and society. Throughout our history, we will strive to develop our technical competencies more comprehensively and deeply, to expand our commercial boundaries and to contribute more to society. The company was founded in 1890; therefore, this year, in 2015, we celebrate the 126th anniversary of our establishment. Kubota employs around 34,000 employees worldwide. The Company's consolidated net sales turnover is approximately TL 1.5 trillion or 30.8 billion TL. The sales made abroad constitute approximately 60% of our total sales. Kubota's operating income is around 202 billion Yen or 4.1 billion TL and its operating profit margin is 13.4%. The founder of KUBOTA, Gonshiro Kubota, started his business in the metal casting sector in 1890, at the age of 19. At that time, there was no modern water supply system in Japan, and many people were killed because of communicable diseases such as cholera. Gonshiro was deeply saddened by these devastating events and wanted to help find a solution to this serious situation facing people in Japan."


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