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"Hacı N. Kutlucan, the founder of our company, started to trade agricultural machinery and machines in Ankara in 1963. Our company was incorporated in 1992 and is located in Kutlucan Biçerdöver ve Traktör San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. has continued its commercial life. Nevzat our company as the general manager of the undertaking Kutlucan, 1993 - Between 2005 and located in the top row of number combines sales market in Turkey. In 2005, our company moved to its new workplace in Istanbul Street in Ankara. In 2006, our company has taken Turkey general distributor of high quality and technological FENDT tractor. In 2008, a distributorship agreement was signed with AMAZONE, the world leader in soil tillage, spraying, fertilizing and sowing machines production. As of 2016, our company sells Fendt harvester as well as Fendt tractors. Fendt's combine harvesters, balers and self-propelled forage harvesters are also offered by our company to Turkish farmers. Currently the company has been Turkey general distributor of three leading German brands in their respective fields. The mission of our company with six branches throughout Turkey; to introduce the most modern agricultural technologies in the world and their advantages to Turkish agriculture and farmers and to present them to the service of Turkish farmers."


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  • Authorized Person: Kutlucan Biçerdöver Traktör

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Kutlucan Tractor

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