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"Lotus Agricultural Seed and Fertilizer Industries, Inc. It was established in 1992. Organization Name Agricultural Market Inc. d. damage to agricultural markets under the name consists of the name confusion in recent years has gone to the General Assembly decided to change the title in 2004. Since its inception continues to serve the fertilizer and seed sector since. as well as the overseas distributor of business areas takes place in the sector in its üretimiyle. Our company, EAST WEST SEED INTERNATINAL LTD. Turkey and representatives of seed companies is in need of agriculture under LOTUFERT FERTILIZER brand name since 2006 began production of all plant nutrients. The excitement of our first year we live, our integrity and sense of quality is our goal to move today and tomorrow. This cause ""target partners"" are serving in many corners of our country. Lotus Agriculture Inc. but it will remain open to all technological innovations with sensitivity to human and environmental health always."


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  • Authorized Person: Lotus Tarim Tohumculuk

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Lotus Tarim

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