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"Macro Agriculture Ltd. Sti. established in Antalya in 1996, Macro Agriculture Ltd. Sti., The agricultural sector has established itself as the best service mission. In line with this mission; organic fertilizers, water-soluble granular and liquid fertilizers, micro-element compounds, very specific products supporting the plant immune system, the future of microbial products can be accepted as products with long-term R & D efforts in gel form that products produced as a result to provide the highest quality producers of services has been our main goal . This goal distributor and deficient in 8 companies in Turkey, while abroad is growing with steady steps in 6 countries. to produce lasting and environmentally friendly solutions in plant nutrition through scientific and innovative approach, these solutions will be our largest power supply manufacturer to offer our services. Macro agriculture produced under the logo and imports of all products made by inquiring of the log, environmentalists, researchers and innovative approach represents. »We are investigating: Because are innovative, »Çevreciyiz: Because we respect the environment, »Sorgulayıcıyız: Because right to find that, »We Produce: Because it passes through the development, production,"


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