Mecalux Depolama ve Raf Sistemleri

"In the field of storage systems Mecalux is one of the leading companies. Among the activities of metal shelving, automated warehouses and other storage solutions design, manufacturing, sales and related services are the supply of. The company is a leader in Spain and more than 70 countries with sales realized in the third world in its sector. The Company's priority is to use the most advanced technology in the industry. Mecalux Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, Spain, France, Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Panama, Mexico, Canada, Turkey, and has a distribution network in the United States. Mecalux Group of Eleven has a production center in Spain (Barcelona, ​​Gijon and Palencia), Poland (Gliwice), USA (Chicago, Sumter and Pontiac), Mexico (Tijuana and Matamoros), Brazil (Sao Paulo) and Argentina (Buenos Aires) centers are strategically located to provide quick service to existing and potential markets. New representative offices, expansion of sales and distribution network, the importance given to R & D resources, automated storage and Logismarket, the resources are created and constantly improve the Mecalux Group. Mecalux is more than 50 years, is moving its customers to provide quality products and attentive service policy. "


Mecalux  Depolama ve Raf  Sistemleri, Companies in Turkey

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Mecalux Depolama ve Raf Sistemleri

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