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"Merta Agricultural Products Industry. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Cotton Ginning first established as a company in 1982, and by including the company in the production of dried figs served in 1985 as a manufacturer and exporter company. In 2007, under the name Merta Agricultural Products Citrus Wax years, mainly citrus fruit by establishing the Facility and processing agricultural products, packaging, makes the marketing and sales. ISO standards in accordance with the currently operating Aydin / production in 6.000m2 the turkey, each operates with 4 stores and 2 pre-cooling systems of over 1,000 m2. Our business policy; food and protecting the environment, to reduce costs by increasing efficiency, ensure quality products with research and development, production, personnel and support the total quality management and worker training. 2nd half of 2010 with a nominal Merta marketing and distribution experience in agriculture, serves fresh fruit and vegetable exports to each side of the world. In cold storage and packing facilities to cater to the consumer's supply and demand and provide long-lasting quality products. With our cold storage in other seasons while maintaining the cloth care outside of the citrus season are to achieve our shipments abroad. Their orange, we have been meticulous in terms of supply to our tangerine and strawberry harvest crops. This form of fruit and vegetables are grown and protected properly from the very beginning. Thus, the export of our products does not contain any additives that can harm the longevity and health. Merta Agriculture food safety in the production in order to keep their purchases made at the highest level and the garden does not use any pesticides approved the European Union. Merta Agricultural Products Manufacturers EUROGAP their own gardens and gardens, Global Gap, makes the task of obtaining certificates of good agricultural practices. Our mission is to bring healthy contributing to the first row in Turkey exports of citrus and fresh fruit, the flavor can be reached, to offer high quality products at competitive prices."


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