Mikron Hidrolik Makine

"Founded in 2000 in Konya Hydraulic Maker Micron. Singing. LTD STI truck-mounted cranes, manufactures deep-well pump disassembly scrap handling cranes and attachments. Market conditions and improve themselves in accordance with customer demand for Micron in the hydraulic crane sector in the market with its own products and have found a place to follow developments continuously. Currently, we continue our production with our team of 40 people working in the area of ​​2,500 square meters in Konya 1 o.s.b.    our vision rising to become the world leader in our field To provide quality products is the best way to process and service Following the latest technology to improve business efficiency live by the highest confidence level of customer satisfaction in the foreground    Our mission Emerging as a Turkish company to continuous improvement, innovation and open to innovation, to provide quality and affordable products using resources optimally within international standards.     Our quality policy Customers to set expectations, permanently ensure customer satisfaction continuously improve product and service quality"


Mikron  Hidrolik  Makine, Companies in Turkey

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  • Authorized Person: Ali Ulusan

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Mikron Hidrolik Makine

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