About MilkingCloud MilkingCloud is focused on providing customer satisfaction on two main goals. First main goal is the highest quality is an indispensable feature in all kinds of products even if it necessitates to decrease the profit margin. It is strongly rejected by the board and staff as a method that is never applicable to compromise on quality in order to reduce product price. Our second goal is the most important factor that complements the quality product is the quality and accessibility of the after-sales service. As an indispensable feature of our company, it is possible to produce immediate response to any possible disruptions after sales without considering any financial situation. What is MilkingCloud’s mission? As MilkingCloud, we attach great importance to quality in our works. With the responsibility of using any of our applications, we see it as a duty to continuously satisfy our customers. In this context, we visit our customers on a regular basis to receive their opinions, and in any possible complaint, we eliminate distress and turn them into satisfaction as quickly as possible.


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