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MODERN INSECTICIDES LTD is a renowned India based manufacturer and exporter range of formulated and technical AGROCHEMICALS, PESTICIDES & PLANT NUTRITION (FERTILIZERS) products holding the status of STAR EXPORT HOUSE from Govt. of India started in 1988.It operates with the sole objective of providing the farmers across the globe with most modern and best of the Agro inputs and is known for its affordable prices. Quality assurance /Research and development We understand that Product Quality is fundamental for the survival of a Company and therefore strict product specifications and rigid Quality norms are being followed. Our Belief in R&D as the driving force for any Company’s Development is firm therefore our Corporate R & D Laboratory is well equipped with advanced Testing Equipment including such as HPLC, GLC, Spectrophotometer, Digital Centrifuges, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer and GLP lab testing. With focused R&D efforts in the recent past, we have been able to improve the process conditions for existing products resulting in better product and have developed process conditions for other agrochemicals of large uses. It is MODERN INSECTICIDES LTD endeavour to find ways and means to provide sustainable and affordable world class products through a cost effective innovative and environmentally friendly technologies, satisfying customer needs.


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Thiamethoxam supply
Lambda-cyhalothrin supply
Indoxacarb supply
Dimethoate supply
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