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"The importance of food safety and supply is increasing every passing day. Seed Improvement works are the foremost in important elements for supplying more quality and cheaper foods to its own people by efficient use of Nation's lands. MONO MAKİNE has started production of Improvement tools and equipment for development of domestic seeds without being dependent on foreign sources. Our company, operating at Ostim/ANKARA, has made huge progress in its subject area since the day it was founded and filled a large gap in the industry. MONO MAKİNE continues to manufacture improvement tools and equipment in accordance with the recommendations and suggestions of people working in the field. Presents the state of the art possibilities with an innovative outlook by research to meet the needs of the industry. Planting Machinery, Threshing Machinery and Laboratory Machinery used in the seed improvement are manufactured completely by our Company. MONO MAKİNE continues its R&D activities and manufactures tools and equipment in accordance with the requests of customers. Lowering the foreign dependence in the industry and ensuring the capital stays within borders is our most important value. Our aim is to become a worldwide recognized and industry-leading and followed manufacturer."


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Thresher For Legume supply
Stationary Thresherry supply
Single Row Seeder supply
Single Plant Thresher supply
Single Plant Thresher supply
Single Ear Thresher supply
Seedling Transplanter supply
Seedling Tool supply
Seed Cleaning Unit supply
Sample Divider supply
Plot Seeder supply
Laboratory Thresher supply
Hand Marker supply
Hand Drill supply
Corn Sheller supply
Barley Awn Breaker supply

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