Nema Tarim Pazarlama

"NEMA Agriculture Ltd. STI in 2002 as a distributor companies have taken the step to the agricultural sector, the company has captured a flying start with the experience of the partners and staff, as soon as Spain, Italy, China began to import from countries such as Thailand. Imported products are required by distributors and personnel are marketed to all parts of Turkey. NEMA agriculture by identifying the needs of Turkish agriculture with experienced staff that incorporated every day to find new products to meet those needs by increasing the product every year and making them to experiment with increasing dealer drugs in its structure, our valued customers by removing non-whether imported appropriate and to the Turkish agriculture It offers.   Herewith we know thanks for your patience and your interest in our company to offer our gratitude debt."


Nema Tarim Pazarlama, Companies in Turkey

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Nema Tarim Pazarlama

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