NIOX GENETICS – Technology for Better Dairy NIOX Genetics is the fastest growing dairy farming solution provider company with a passion to contribute to Pakistan’s Livestock and Dairy sector. Our head office is located in Lahore, whereas, sales team spread all over Pakistan. Our focus is to provide ease, comfort & profit to dairy farmers, across Pakistan, through latest technology, innovation & knowledge sharing. Through our quality products & reliable services, we support you to turn your dairy farm into profitable & sustainable business. NIOX Genetics strives for the better future of dairy farmers and trying to bring positive impact & values in their lives. NIOX Genetics is leading one-stop shop for dairy farmers, at very affordable prices. We deal in Dairy Machinery, Farm Equipment, Feed Additives, Artificial Insemination, Bovine Semen, Cow Comfort, Cow Import and Farm Consultancy. All our products and services have three things in common: the best quality, unchallenged reliability and unrivalled focus on your success. Our diverse team of qualified and experienced professionals are just a call away from all farmers in Pakistan. With our 24/7 customer service, we can reach our customers as they need us. Some of our products but not limited to are: Milking Machines Milking Line Milking Parlours Shed Cooling Fans Cow Scratching Brush TMR Wagon & Feed Mixers Bovine Semen Artificial Insemination Accessories Minerals Teat Dip Solution CIP System /Disinfectant Toxin Binder We are greatly indebted to our customers for their prestigious trust and concern they have shown so far in the past and we assure to maintain an unshaken confidence in the future as well


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