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"Made with farming in Adiyaman in 1980 Seed, then tourism, automotive and chemical starting with fertilizer and the ongoing work results in 1995. ""Mature Tour. Tr. Energy. URT. Tic Paz. Ltd."" was established. Surely on its way to a sustainable growth momentum, which mature on tour. Tr. Energy. URT. Tic Paz. Ltd. Ltd. was established in 2500 m2 production plant seed Hüsnümans old village on the strong demand from our people, trading and tourism in many projects to date have been met by the local and international market. Mature Tour. Tr. Energy. URT. Tic Paz. Ltd. Sti. Since its inception more than 20 years work experience by offering high quality and standards of service and production, as of 1996, progress in the tourism sector and has been able to develop. Our company has almost a revolution in domestic production. Constantly expands its machinery, of providing employment to the people and our company continues to work uninterrupted. Mature Tour. Tr. Energy. URT. Tic Paz. Ltd. STI produced by EU standards Wheat, Barley, Lentil and Chickpea seed production, and finally mature and Seed has been branded and offered to the market use. In addition to our wide range of products according to customer demand in 2014 was met by the cotton seed market with many winter and summer varieties."


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