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"Özbil Tarim Makineleri was founded by Bekir Özdemir in Ödemis, Izmir, in 1978. Initially working on repairing our cultural machinery, Bekir Özdemir eventually proved himself by the models and designs that he invented himself. Having become a Limited Company in 2006, our company continues its manufacturing operations with new investments. The primary goal of our company is to ensure customer satisfaction, and the feedbacks that we receive from our customers are our most important guide in this context. It is our priority to try to respond to different land conditions, climatic conditions and local customer demands in different regions and thus to provide our customers with work conditions which are both efficient and also economic. With its 37 years of experience and specialist staff, our company is diligent in each stage of its manufacturing activities. It also provides consultancy services both before and after sales. It thus establishes a better communication with you, listen to your suggestions directly and provide faster solutions for your problems thanks to the direct factory-customer relationship that it has established. In our factory, we manufacture various machineries which are utilized in agricultural activity such as soil preparation, plantation, weeding, fertilization and harvesting including Automatic-Manual Potato Plantation Machinery, Potato Harvesting Machinery, Hoeing Machinery with or without Fertilization, Chisels, Rotovators, Disc Harrows, Corn Sowing Machinery. As it has been for the last 37 years, we will continue to be the reliable partner of you our valued farmers with the products that we manufacture, our marketing unit, Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, Beet Cooperatives and our authorized dealers."


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  • Authorized Person: Yunus Ozdemir

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Özbil Agriculture

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Our Products

Tandem Disc Harrow (Mounted Type) supply
Rotovator (Mechanical Sliding) supply
Potato Planter (Super Automatic - Two Rows) supply
Potato Harvester (Two Rows-Half Pallet) supply
Potato Harvester (Two Rows - With Shaker) supply
Potato Harvester (Two Rows - Half Pallet - Long Shift Unit) supply
Pneumatic Precise Seeder (Two Rows) supply
Milk Transfer Pump supply
Microcut (Fine Cutter) supply
Hoeing Machine (Fertilizing - Three Rows) supply
Harrow (Single / Double) supply
Double Screw Transfer Pump supply

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