Özbil Tarim Makinalari

"Özbilen Agricultural Machinery, 1978 by Bekir Özdemir İzmir Ödemiş has been established. status in the industry, first as a farm machinery repair area Bekir Özdemir, has proven itself over time with models and designs of his own invention. the Company in 2006, our company is continuing its efforts in production today with the new investments made. The primary goal of our company is to ensure customer satisfaction and feedback we receive from our customers is our most important guide in this direction. different terrain conditions in different regions, climate conditions and trying to respond to local demands of our customers and thus create cost-efficient as well as our customers working conditions is our priority. Our company has 37 years of experience, demonstrate diligence in every stage of production with expert personnel. Before and after the sale also offers you advice. In this way it can communicate better with you and establish direct factory - thanks to customer relationships can listen to your advice first hand and can produce faster solutions to your problems. Our factory land preparation, planting, hoeing, Automatic used in agricultural activities such as fertilizing and harvesting - Manual Potato Planter, Potato Harvesting Machines, Fertilizer - unfertilized December Anchors, Chisel are Rotovators are, harrows, Corn machines such as drills we manufacture. we manufacture our products, our marketing department as well as the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, Beet Cooperative, and 37 years as well as with our authorized dealers will continue to be a reliable partner for you, our valued farmers."


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  • Authorized Person: Yunus Özdemir

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Özbil Tarim Makinalari

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