Özduman Tarim Makinalari

"Founded in 1976, the first professional team OZDUMAN agricultural machinery agricultural machinery sector and its innovations realized by zealously given to hear the pride in being a leading company in this sector is constantly innovating.   OZDUMAN agricultural machinery products and 9,000 square meters of service without compromising quality closed a total of 27,000 square meters the latest technology in the field of CNC park, laser and plasma cutting machines, hydraulic and eccentric presses machinery park and robot welding where the machines and in today's world without room for error with manufacturing system based on automation our boss thought the customer is engaged in manufacturing of principles to keep in mind the principles of quality.   OZDUMAN agricultural machines, sowing machines, offers rippers and manufacturing tractor safety cabs for our farmers with the latest technology. Knowing that the quality and success of our company depends on chance, S., Faculty of Agriculture Agricultural Machinery test reports received from the department and has been registered with the TSE production documents.   OZDUMAN agricultural machinery in domestic and in line with the readline from abroad reviewing constantly our manufacturing migrating our products are mainly exported to Europe, the Balkans, North Africa, domestic agricultural credit cooperatives, sending the four corners of the world, including the Turkish Republic, Pankobirlik our extensive dealer network and can be reached by direct sales from our factory .   OZDUMAN machinery evolving technology with together and present conditions in our reputation with our customers, taking into account the development of our machines, sacrifice our, agricultural machines, as always, with experienced colleagues, while preserving our seriousness about our business sector will continue to be a leader"


Özduman  Tarim  Makinalari, Companies in Turkey

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Özduman Tarim Makinalari

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