Özenis Tarim Makinalari

"CARE BUSINESS Agriculture Agricultural Machinery Automotive Foreign Trade. Ltd. Sti. 46 years ago, it was founded in Konya, the first day of its operations has produced many different agricultural machinery since. Our company is in continuous dialogue with our farmers to prepare the appropriate equipment to conditions of our country, together with the technical staff also offers you our technical services and spare parts services for farmers. Our goal is to minimize your casualties providing fertility to harvest our machines. The establishment of the machinery, transportation, such as loading and unloading operations when working against our farmers by eliminating as much as possible, and bring a solution to the high cost of labor loss and all the factors in your best interest to turn our job. CARE BUSINESS AGRICULTURE; for changing and developing country and the world to meet the expected demand considering the agriculture and farmers and provide better service, Beet Harvesters, Mega Beet Harvesting Machine, handle the ball Straw after the machine in 2012 Batuhan2012 combined 2-row ┼čiftl but systematic tractor drawn Cotton Picking Machine and 170'lik Stone Picking Machine, harvester Mounted Straw Machine, Carrot Harvesting Machine 2 Machine Sequential Egyptian Collection and Aggregation Blade Straw Machine Automatic Stem began production, We wish Turkey and Turkish farmers auspicious haves."


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