Özgüçsan Tarim Makinalari

"ÖZGÜÇS that; Agricultural Machinery has been operating in the manufacturing sector. Our company started in 1986 with steady growth in the manufacturing of agricultural machinery reached power today. ""ÜNALS engaged in manufacturing with the brand since 1986, our company since 2006."" ÖZGÜÇS that ""the brand is continuing its commercial life."" our products are of international standards in the agricultural machinery sector, our country is next four marketed ""Özgüçs that"" our branded machines and equipment are proud of our company. After the sale and delivery of our Agricultural Machinery in our company motto to be there for our customers to itself; In any case the next customer that he has adopted the motto itself.   Our mission is applying modern management systems, business meet fully and quickly with our needs, professional staff, our partners and taking first place in the sector, to follow innovations in the manufacturing of agricultural machinery industry to offer the best quality and service to customers; trying to keep the maximum level of customer satisfaction is to be a company that respects the environment. Vision, agricultural machinery manufacturing sector in the service, as the workmanship and quality of materials ""Özgüçs the"" name sought after as a brand and mentioned ensure that a name, leaders in this field, respected, employees, suppliers and constantly evolving with communities where the customer-oriented, with well-managed process, when a company to provide quality products and services and the resulting need for Agricultural Machinery is considered to be one of the first names"


Özgüçsan Tarim Makinalari, Companies in Turkey

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Özgüçsan Tarim Makinalari

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