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"In 1994, he appointed the foundations of the production start of the first period OZKA TIRES manufactures products for the tire retreading industry.   Vision determines the ÖZKAN as a well-known brand domestically and overseas leaders, policy and strategic planning activities and professional conduct that demonstrated clearly the target. In this context, firstly moved to a new facility in 2004 and the latest technology with garden machinery and equipment / Field, Trucks - van, trailer, tractor front, the tractor rear, Heavy Equipment, Combine harvesters, forklifts and Panzer Rubber began production of the group. Increase the capacity of its ongoing investments and radial tractor tire, which adds to the range OZKA the country has been one of the biggest tire factory. National and international standards (TSE, ETRTO, ECA) convenient, powerful, reliable, and solid tires with as soon as possible domestically and abroad ÖZKAN who have a say in particular has been exporting tires to the whole world, including Europe and the Middle East. It adopted the total quality management, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 27001 management systems implemented ÖZKAN, the entire process, including post-shipment starting from raw material control is to ensure product quality and safety.       By signing the contract with Ozkan global principles of social and community responsibility that demonstrated the sensitivity of this issue. Gain employment converting investment is increasing day by day. activities in accordance with legislation on environmental and safety issues carries. Process ÖZKAN create global environmental and economic value added reclaim scrap, reveals the difference from other tire plant in Turkey with this aspect.   The employees are the cornerstone of the philosophy of sustainable growth ÖZKAN moving machine environments and provide the necessary resources for the participation and the development of working with equipment investments. In this context, domestic andThe young dynamic team of experienced managers ÖZKAN combines strategic planning to continue to invest and grow accordingly."


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