Özsan Tarim

"From 1965 TODAY Agriculture and livestock sector in the province, Tire Izmir, operating in the province of Agriculture Machinery Industry. Ve Tic Ltd. Sti. 49 Providing good service to its customers with annual sector experience. From 1965 until the day; Technology and quality by giving importance to continuous innovation has presented to customers. TİRE ÖZSAN specializing in livestock machinery, feed mix machines, animal breeding distribution trailers, and farm equipments, which are mainly on the production line, constitute 70% of the production. In addition, Silaj Machinery manufactures Agricultural Machinery Blades. TİRE ÖZSAN's engineers and technical staff offer new and proven machines to its customers every year. TİRE ÖZSAN, which has a domestic and foreign sales network, is progressing rapidly in the agriculture and aviation sector with its experience and expertise."


Özsan Tarim, Companies in Turkey

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Özsan Tarim

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