"Borse Domestic and Foreign Trade Co. Ltd. Sti. It was founded in 1991. primarily educational institutions Since 1991, mental and educational institutions and organizations for children with mobility disabilities, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, can be used for resorts, municipalities and private organizations of interior and exterior space, parks and playgrounds for landscaping, shopping centers, party houses, children's cafes, parks and production of related products, is interested in the project and environmental technology products for import and export.  As well as commercial gain; Convinced of the need to promote and protect the result of research conducted worldwide since 2010, deeply deteriorated environment in recent years; Composting-free Technology System and it has been decided to take place in Turkey market.  discussions about life crisis caused by global warming and environmental protection shows that business people are beginning to question their responsibility towards society and the environment. As a company policy; In addition to our operative goal is to increase profitability, society and contributing to environmental protection ""Social Entrepreneur"" We plan to be among the firms.  organic treatment applied in different countries gives rise to secondary pollution, which is harmful to the human body besides environmental pollution. Social resources are wasted. The effective value of the conversion of organic waste, and under the brand PAKTOPRAK ""Our garbage is gold"" has become a priority for us with the slogan. To create an R & D team; biochemistry, soil science, botany, environmental engineering, science and medicine in areas such as animal science, scientists and experts are invited to the family. If B with 21 years of company experience, bringing together existing waste treatment technologies in the world of international importance winning technology in the shortest possible time evaluation of organic waste, in Turkey ""Composting-free technology"" and ""Composting-free equipment"" as presented.  Turkey, sea, mountains, rivers, lakes, streams, is one of the world's most beautiful country with forests and islands. Natural landscape and plant diversity is very rich. modernization in Turkey, enrichment, advancement and technological advances have led to prosperity; its also environmental pollution. ""Composting-free technology"" supports our efforts in environmental protection. To be referenced by developing countries, especially the first and only example.  for the re-use of organic waste ""Composting-free technology"" because it is an effective solution with the hope it would be useful for the improvement of global warming and the environment. We are PAKTOPRAK, we accept that we are a member of the global village.          Our goal is the world's educators in Turkey with companies engaged in the production and research in these areas at each corner and relevant organizations, bringing to facilitate the efficient and accurate elections, to consolidate our position in the market for environmental technologies and to introduce new methods and technologies, and to minimize environmental pollution.    Our goal is education, entertainment and the environment to meet your business expectations in the most appropriate solutions and to find a place in your memory by providing this continuity.       Develop non-boundary environmental vision, ""kompostlo-free technology to"" share the year and look forward to everyone wanting to work together. Knowledge of our business to produce a variety of ideas and creative alternatives mania and be a part of your job offer our ideas to your liking."


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