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"Landscape industry awareness and to provide effective service to organize them efficiently and providing services in order to find solutions to all your needs, our company is continuously developing itself with innovative details of the technology. Emerging technologies and can easily choose not to be missed opportunity for advancing next sectoral details and can use the experience of your own. Do not waste time and start to remove all kinds of special work in the foreground. Further, comfortable, it will be a few clicks, you only need to process the aesthetics and innovative work processes. Personal systems, hard work, and all of our services highlighted for innovative details, any solution for your needs bringing up your feet. Founded in 2005, our company has been working hard to offer many services including municipalities next. Because we have quite intensive reference from corporate companies, we are developing ourselves further concern is the advancement in technology world. Pesticides, fertilizers and seeds of agricultural consulting company founder Mr. A.S. Koksal, one of the pioneers of the industry with nearly twenty years of experience. overall objective of the company or do not do a lot of work to do quality work in. In this context our maximum advantage of pesticide manufacturers and sold in order to receive the best quality medicines healthy products. In addition, all of our farmers that we have a system which takes medication when. In this way, we follow all the manufacturer has taken in what dosage, which have taken what when. usually in the landscape of the factory, we make gardens and villas. We have a wide range of quality and customer portfolio. Our primary goal is to give you confidence. Our customers trust us and know that we will use all the possibilities at hand. In this way, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Didim Izmir, Manisa, Cesme Alacati, our corporate customers in Kemalpasa We always work on trust. new and high quality customers every day on the recommendation of our company is to win. Us to provide the best service to our customers by continuously improving ourselves and supplemented with new machines we aim to provide fast service. Due to the intensity of the demand for the moment we continue to grow."


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