Parlayan Tarim Makinalari

"Shining is laid foundations of Agricultural Machinery in 1967 by Haci Mustafa zingil today Haci Mustafa Bey, the flag has the second-generation speed. A. Nuri Eray zingil and received by zingil flag is carried forward without compromising the integrity and philosophy of quality. Agricultural Tools with experience of many years in the field of Plant Protection Equipment Used in Plant Protection Area, which has a wide assortment of glowing Agricultural Machinery; Field sprayer, Turbo Atomizers, Garden atomizer with agricultural mechanization and supporting the development of the World Farmers Plant Protection. Shining Agricultural Machinery since 1967, always better, working with the excitement of producing better quality, without sacrificing integrity, serves its customers with a productive and experienced staff. Raw materials used in our products and spare parts, has been supplying the world's leading companies are certified and high quality products. Shining as Agricultural Machinery, thank you to everyone who came to us today."


Parlayan Tarim Makinalari, Companies in Turkey

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  • Authorized Person: Eray Zingil

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Parlayan Tarim Makinalari

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