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"Pastel agricultural ltd. Şti.2009 was established in Antalya based production of the plant nutrition products used in the agricultural sector and for the marketing of ornamental plant fertilizer and the establishment began its activities with its young and dynamic staff. pastel agricultural ltd with strong R & D structure. Sti. Turkey is engaged in manufacturing and to strengthen the need for many countries to agricultural and plant metabolism in the world. All kinds of opportunities in a young and dynamic team which incorporates in every region of turkey technical support and marketing of Turkish manufacturers to support continuity in sunmuştur.tarımsal production, contributing professional solutions, agricultural productivity and the products that improve the quality, we have so far always stand by our farmers and their healthy, efficient and We will provide you receive abundant products. It also serves the OEM production of agriculture-known leading brand in the market Pastel Co.Ltd. To serve for Turkey and Turkish agriculture farmers with professional staff is excited and proud."


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