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Radix Conia LTD sector experience is a young company that has an adequate management and operations team. The age requirements, customer requirements, which are able to respond in the best way Radix Conia LTD sectoral innovations and technological developments are followed closely. Our trading experience to share with our customers, to provide the benefit of themselves, which is dominated by very different rules and challenging market conditions that we set out to download the most light. Usually encountered the problem of quality control, timely and observe orders, customers are downloading from the beginning zero probability of damage. Our company has various expanding relationships both in the domestic and foreign markets parallel to the demands of the foreign trade. Our strong business relationships in the region will help your organization meet its manufacturing and technology outsourcing needs cheaply and with surprising efficiency. With years of experience working with factories and doing business in the region, we have the capability to develop effective solutions to your business requirements. Radix Conia team adopted a mission to make any efforts in order for its name to be mentioned not only nationally but also worldwide with trust, responsibility and success. Its objective is to provide a modern and expansive service and to perfectly meet the requirements of the costumers by closely following the developments in the world.


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  • Authorized Person: Ramazan Kilic

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Radix Conia

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Variator supply
Seed Drill Feeder Fertilizer supply
Seed Drill Feeder Double Slider supply
Seed Drill Feeder supply
Seed Drill Feeder supply
Plastic Funnel Small Model supply
Plastic Funnel Big Model supply
Mechanical Seed Drill Cell Team supply
Mechanic Feeder supply
Mechanic Feeder supply

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