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"Agriculture is the backbone of our business and farmers What is our existence. Our commitment, weeds and insects, as well as to check the efficiency of plant protection products to meet the needs of farmers by providing seeds to maximize the best. Turkey and rapid population growth trends in the Middle East makes it sound much needed food security as well as the necessary sustainability. Due to continuous urbanization and desertification of agricultural land loss, a reduction of extreme precipitation rates as a result of mismanagement of water resources coupled with global warming and achieve these goals poses a bigger challenge than ever before. All these lead us, minimal environmental impact and natural resource products with a minimum of fertilizer to increase the use of the best technology in the seeds and chemicals are pushing to bring together. Today, we believe the company as a strong agricultural sustainability and better food, nutrition and a greener future and millions up to individual farmers from industry leaders to reduce the hunger for human We will work tirelessly with all markets."


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