"Şakalak Agricultural Machinery Co. has been in manufacturing agricultural implements since early 1960’s in Konya, TURKEY. In a very short time after its establishment, Şakalak has taken place among the leading manufacturers of ploughing and sowing machineries. Our company is an enterprise adopted to professional management approach, emphasising on branding by using skilled labor and providing quality service in the aftermarket. Sakalak Co. is still in 3.Industrial Zone in Konya over 60.000 m2 area including 26,800 m2 closed area with 180 staff. Our annual production capacity is about 7500 machineries in a single shift. Our company has been meeting the immediate demands of customers by the production throughout the year (not seasonal production) in four factory buildings. Our capacity volume and production areas are increasing by the new investments every year. Though our machinery park is capable of producing almost all kind of agricultural machineries but our fields of expertise are mainly ploughing and sowing machineries. MAIN PRODUCTS • Pneumatic Precision Seed Drills • Universal Seed Drills • No-till Grain Drills • Disc Ploughs and Furrows Ploughs • Power Harrows • Interrow Cultivators Currently we have been producing seven major products and their many different types and we are constantly expanding our product range. As Sakalak Co. we always give great importance to the production of high-quality, high-speed and multi-functional agricultural tools that allows to obtain low cost and highly efficient crops. In addition, we are producing equipment intented for no-tillage agriculture (No-Till Direct Seed Drills ) and Tillage Implements (Power Harrow etc.) All of our products have CE and other quality certificates. Our company is acting by the concious of being “global brand” needs an efficient and fast production in international standards. Thus our company has been doing high quality and fast production by adding Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) supported tools and robot technology into it’s technological infrastructure. Continuously following technological developments, we have been renewing and developing each units from raw materials to tools as suitable to evolving technology. During the activities, we are doing our best to create a suitable working environment as suitable to workers' health and safety. Improvements in our manufacturing in the domestic market and global markets attracted the attention of our customers and our new products have become sought after by our customers, as always. We have been selling in domestic market directly or through our dealers, through Agricultural Credit Cooperatives and have been exporting to our global customers directly. We have production and sales relationships with the similar European companies doing production and marketing. A high percentage of our annual production is exported to Europe, Balkan Countries ,North African Countries, Middle East, Russian Republic and Turkish Republics. We have dealers in all regions of Turkey and our end user’s problems are solved immediately by our mobile services and by our dealers who are always in service 7/24h. Sakalak Co. has the principle of serving to the farmers friendly for not considering them only the customers. As company; we always give much more importance to the R & D . Our company is continuously listening sectoral partners( farmers,dealers,corporate vendors, universities etc.) and orients it’s R&D’s as suitable to market’s needs and demands, in time and provides appropriate solutions. Our company will continue its facilities concentrating on flexibility, speed, differentiation and product excellence in the shade of three essential principles QUALITY, INNOVATION and EFFICIENCY. We are pleased to be a constantly developing company of each day growing agricultural machinery sector."


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