In 1988, KAVUŞANLAR GIDA TARIM YEM VE MAKİNA SAN,TIC. A S, has began a production of the agricultural ond farrn machines and tools with modern technology. Our first principal is serving best quality in our products which milking machine, its spare ports, feed mixer machines, milk cooling tanks, feed grinder/electrical mills, automotic drinking bowls and milking parlour systems. We keep on serving good quality in our products with the customer care service. We are fully dedicated to keep a high service to our customers, with full spare ports guaranty ond broad customer support service. We produce our products with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Certificate ond CE certificate. Our products are designed with CAD/CAM programmes and produced by CNC machines. We produce all of spore ports with high technology in our factory. Yours faithfully: ŞANMAK KAVUŞANLAR A.Ş.


Şanmak, Companies in Turkey

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  • Authorized Person: Sancar Kavuşan

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Our Products

Single Milking Dry System Stainless Churn supply
Pulsator For All Milking Machines supply
Milk Cooling Tanks - Horizontal Or Vertical  | Capacities: 100l / 200l / 300l / 500l / 1.000l , To 12.000l supply
Double Milking Double Stainless Dry Milking Machine supply

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