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"Founded in 1987, our company's first business sectors pesticides, fertilizers and trading was agricultural production. Next, our company expanded its fields of activity currently in process grain trading, crude oil continues to agricultural production and vegetable production, including its activities in three main areas. Our company is continuing its activities in the area of ​​30,000 m2, 35 thousand tons of grain and 11 pieces of steel silos with a storage capacity of 25 thousand tonnes and has a total storage capacity of 60,000 tons, including 3 horizontal storage. also it has corn drying facility in this area. Agricultural production and marketing of our activities, stone fruit and citrus production, but performs all the packaging of the products manufactured and marketed point, we continue our activities with foreign purchases in some periods. In addition to these activities, our company has completed the feasibility study in 2012. ""Herbal Raw Oil Production Plant"" construction investment, starting in January of 2013, the placement of the machine equipment, a period has been completed, such as installing and testing a year. began to actual production in January 2014. Facility sunflower, soybean and canola oilseed established with technology that can break. our hotel has the oilseed crushing capacity of 135,000 tonnes annually. Our vision: leader in the areas in which we operate, shaping the future of Turkey's contemporary, the company has become one of the technological sought."


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