"SESİNOKS was founded in 1983 as a small initiative of two classmates. First of all, the company working in the field of Heating, Refrigeration and Plumbing was restructured in 1993 and positioned to respond to the requirements of heat transfer systems with the flow equipment of food, medicine, cosmetics, . Both our country and the countries in our close geographical region offer fast and accurate materials with its extensive stocking facilities, experienced sales team and logistic services. We are trying to meet customer demands first and every time on time and in the best quality by establishing a strong personnel infrastructure in the process from our establishment until today. As Sesinoks, “Quality is a lifestyle” for us. Customer satisfaction comes first. In this direction, our company has ISO 9001: 2008 certificate, our products have CE, GOST and 3A certificates. In addition, each product has certificates showing the material properties. Our company has adopted the principle of contributing to the country’s economy with its quality products and services."


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