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"It is a family company that imports machinery for production and research and development (R & D) in the agricultural sector. Our company; It has a wide production program built on agricultural machinery in Germany of Maschinenfabrik Bernard Krone GmbH is the sole representative in Turkey since 1991. Also, located in Austria; agricultural research and development (R & D) and testing equipment manufacturers A.G. which is Wintersteiger 'is the only authorized representatives of the company in Turkey since 1993. Scale Family has over twenty years of reliability, KRONE products that make their representations GmbH without compromising quality and Wintersteiger AG is working with Turkey on the market; In our country, there are more than 300 public and private sector farms, farms and private companies in the agricultural sector. Our company, our expert technical team, mobile services, wide spare parts stock thanks to customers 24 hours technical support, original spare parts to provide services to customers. Our goal and our only goal is customer satisfaction after today as well as today; in the agricultural sector to meet the needs of our customers around the Turkey, pre-sales, post-sales is always to be near our customers."


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Skala Mekatronik

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