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"STANDARD PUMP AND MACHINERY INDUSTRY CO. Inc. Since 1957 the quality we produce environmentally sound and pumps. Turkey's first face so we hit the road as the domestic pump manufacturers. We have expanded our international sales network in surpassing the limits of time and we started to export. Since its inception, our primary goal was to serve as aware of the importance of nature and of man. We offer effective and accurate solutions with high quality and safe products. We heard from the manufacturing proudly undertake the responsibility of the age we live in environmentally sensitive, efficient and sustainable way we watch. as well as giving her directions closely Technology sector contributes both to follow. R & D department is different than what we have to, we are expanding our investments to achieve the flawless quality product. Our experience of over half a century, the consistency of our ongoing third generation increases our confidence in the future. Today just is not established in the world in industrial processes and petro-chemical industry Turkey, irrigation from the general-purpose water supply, wastewater transfer and treatment facility on until it reaches the liquid pressurized be needed in many areas Standard Pump products are used. The system that optimizes the efficiency of the pump set, fire protection systems and accept the world has seen in the booster pump industry, are manufactured in standard has validity in the field. Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Greece, Russia, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines and many other countries such as Sri Lanka, many projects include the standard pump products. Standard Pump, 22,000 m2 of covered production facility, 4,500 m2 administration building, experts working in the field, Ankara and Aegean Regional Office 150 dealers and 114 technical service, overseas continues to serve with temsicilik are. Quality, reliability, customers also in the future without abandoning domestic and abroad to provide the best service standards will continue to produce services and solutions"


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