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"Stoller has given a start to its activities in 2002 with its distributor company Izotar A.S. in Turkey. In 2014 Stoller purchased Izotar A.S and directly entered to the Turkey Market. Today Izotar A.S. is the one of the companies of Stoller Group and in the near future it will continue its activities under the commercial name of Stoller Türkiye (Stoller Turkey). Stoller Turkey (Izotar A.S.) with its regional office and regional distributors has a wide distribution network. Stoller Turkey includes technical and sales staffs, in which all personals are Agricultural Engineers, at the same time with its bachelor’s, master, doctorate degreed, foreign language speaking central staff, Stoller Turkey supplies its customers professional service. The central campus of firm which replaces in Izmir, with its possibilites like laboratory, depot, producing area etc. continues its development without sacrificing quality. In years Stoller Turkey (Izotar) with wide range of products created own quality concept and gained the confidence of its distributors and clients, and every year Stoller raised quality of product range and continued its service. Beside Stoller’s product portfolio; also representative company of Humintech (Germany) and Acadian (Canada) which are recognized internationally in this area. Stoller Turkey (Izotar) beside domestic activities, acts in neighbor country’s markets too (Egypt, Azerbaijan, Cyprus etc). Main target of Stoller Turkey (Izotar) is to focus on export and in a short process, show its power in neighbor country’s markets. Stoller Turkey is aiming to share with the manufacturers its gained and experienced knowledge in plant nutrition and plant physiology, and support agricultural production."


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