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"Water, our company since the 2001 year in Sanliurfa Harran University Mechanical Plant produces drum irrigation machines.   In a world that felt the effects of global warming, we need to give more importance than usual in the water.   Irrigation Machines by incorrect irrigation to water held in Turkey will end the economic and water-saving practices.   World at minimum cost to the employees they want to distribute their products in the fields of water farmers adopted one of our machines ?, modern irrigation systems, water, energy and labor savings by getting more, we provide the production.   WATER Irrigation Machines are designed for easy use of our farmers. The use of irrigation equipment manufacturer with the indispensable quality in a very short time? became like that.   WATER Irrigation Machines? 11 years of experience and knowledge, produce irrigation machines in 18 different sizes.   The main production and expertise of our past companies located in front of other companies in the market are automatic watering drum machine.   Our R & D work is about the only of irrigation systems.   By replication only by concentrating our range of production and irrigation machines for the production of our field of expertise we give you 24 hours of continuous service to our customers.   Our vision is that we have adopted with quality production technology to the demands of our manufacturers are constantly renewing always the best way to answer our machines and irrigation water to make a global brand.   Irrigation Water Machines? , automated irrigation drum machine allows the use of our limited economic of our country water, so the water business? both the increase in the labor and energy saving products, we are delighted to contribute to the enrichment of our country.   Our goal is for our customers 365 days a year, 24 hours a day to maintain the high quality service we give our utmost speed and to increase our market share continuously maintaining our leading position in the market. "


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