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"Our Vision The philosophy that drives TAFE was first enunciated by its CMD in 1992. ""To us in TAFE, Excellence is not something that we engineer, inspect and input into our tractors. It is an innate desire to attain the best that comes from within each of us. It defines our lives at work and at home and ripples out into the world around us"" (Source: Corporate Film-1992). This inspired TAFE to evolve its Vision & Values in 1999, through a company-wide participative exercise with external facilitation from IIM, Bangalore. The Vision & Values statement captures key elements of TAFE's culture, strengths and aspirations. Subsequently, Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), UK, facilitated each element of the V&V being linked to CSFs of the company to translate 'Vision' to 'Reality' through a Vision to Reality Plan (VTRP) that forms basis of the company's Business Plan. To achieve the distinction of being the first choice among the farming community of India and ensure a growing presence in international markets through setting leadership standards of performance and customer care in the agricultural machinery business."


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