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"We are pursuing our country proudly in accordance with the age of technology and the rapid development of the industry. Turkey is difficult to achieve with faith in the core of the outstanding effort by the industrialized nations, the distance between our countries is closing rapidly. This computer aided modern looms in the place of conventional machining looms as a result of rapid industrialization. These benches can be made in the production of the desired speed and accuracy is indisputable contribution of modern and special teams. Modern and special needs resulting from the road team TAKIMSAŞ Cutting Machinery Industry and Trade Co. located in the world's most prominent companies and with infinite technological support it has started production at the end of 1987. 20 years of working with our honorable national economy and the peace of mind to contribute to the technology, and we share with you the joy of living. QUALITY considered essential in the competition, Machining (Turning, Milling such as) to more precise standards of operation and has added great feature for making appropriate. This work also has a special place in the development of production technology will make the team. Our company is the solution of technical problems in machining; SPECIAL TEAMS addition to the standard cutting tool has had to develop and refine the awareness that. TAKIMSAŞ, the team prepared in accordance with ISO standards largely conservative, importing or producing cutting tips and offers to its customers. Our company when production standards, shows harmony with international management standards. ISO 9001 in order to maintain its leadership in the sector of company activity QMS, ISO 14001 EMS, ISO 18001, OHSAS, ISO / TS 16949 OKYS, CE, SA 8000 standard document has taken some and remains the leader and example of that effort in the industry continued efforts to get the others. Will organize seminars, catalogs and technical service programs; TAKIMSAŞ all of the problems of the technical staff also reminded that we are always with you as your partner, we expect to continue for your valuable support. The deepest respect, our sincere love and best wishes ... One of Excellence TAKIMSAŞ General Manager"


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