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The purpose of the Foundation, at all levels of education, training, culture and health, by the nature of the activities in the public interest and public service, the younger generation; republic, democracy, secularism and human rights, especially basic, common and universal values ​​of modern civilization, has made a way of life and absorb the scientific rational thought and scientific method; knowledgeable, sophisticated and modern technology dominate; Capable of producing knowledge and technology and can use them for the benefit of our country and humanity; self-confidence, high business ethics and work discipline; producers, creative, entrepreneur and owner of the initiative; ready to head to compete at international level and ages; filled with love and joy of life and human nature, and therefore more useful to our country and all of humanity grow as individuals; In addition, in accordance with the lifelong learning approach, of all ages and people's knowledge and the development of culture in terms of the level, the more healthy, manufacturer and work to become creative, to serve every level to contribute, and this degree and in nature, kindergarten, elementary school, high schools and vocational high school, college, graduate educational institutions, cultural and sports facilities, set up research and application centers and health care institutions and to businesses.


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