Our company has been established in 1979 and making its production in European standards since its establishment to date. It serves to both domestic market and foreign markets with its machinery and equipment. Our compnay continues to export milking machines and equipment to countries such as Germany, India, Tunisia, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Serbia, Morocco, Algeria, Syria, Turkish Repulci of Northern Cyprus, Pakistan, Iran, Ozbekistan, Kazakhistan, Kyrgızistan, Turkmenistan. In Turkish market, sales are realized by means of Beet Producers Cooperatives, Agricultural Development Cooperatives and a network of dealers of Zirmak Ziraat Makinaları Tic. ve San. A.Ş. which is our Central Distributor and sister company. We are very proud of the services by Zirmak to our agricultural producers with our following products. YEMZER Feed Grinders ZİRMAK Automatic Cattle Drinking Bowl TEMZER Teat Protecting and Maching Cleaning Disinfectants


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Zirmak Automatic Drinking Bowls supply
Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pump - Ypm70 supply
Four Milking Machine Goat And Sheep supply

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