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"Tatsan Agriculture Ltd. Shit. Green Has Italia S.p.A and Aminco S.R.L, which sell to many countries of the world, are the Turkish representatives of Italian companies. The center is located in Antalya and has been active in the agricultural sector since 2001. In the fifth year, regional directorates were formed, including Aegean Region, Black Sea Region and Central Anatolia Region. In addition, there are branches in Central Anatolia and Marmara Regions. Tatsan Tarım; Specific nutrition products and special fertilization programs aimed not only to grow healthy and high quality plants but also to protect the environment and soil resources. In order to reach the place where Turkish Agriculture deserves at the level of contemporary countries; With the aim of producing quality products suitable for students with specific nutritional products. After sales, we help to use our technical department and our special products to our farms consciously and continue to invest in this area. Tatsan Tarım; Market network in Aegean, Blacksea, Eastern Anatolia regions and in Mersin and Adana provinces with ""Distributor"" system. It strengthens both product portfolio and technical staff and aims to reach out to all parts of Turkey by going out of the local region and presenting marketing and post marketing technical activities to the service of turkish farmer. Our firm, which has been providing services throughout Turkey with its specialized staff and continuously developing process and endeavor, will continue to give support to Turkish agriculture."


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