Taysan Tarim ve Tohumculuk

"Our commercial development began in the 1930s, in Enez Büyükevren village in 1935 and continued with flour milling. In 1987, after our transformation into flour mill in 1974, a second flour mill in Kesan and continued in 1989, followed by rice plants. demands the continuation of our investment and we have established our Ozevren feed mill in 1994. In order to meet Ceku. After our separation with the other partners of the company since 1996, it continues its commercial life with feed and rice mills which Ozevren Feed Industry continues to technological investment, without sacrificing quality, increased production quality and advanced technology. In 2004, continued without a break to new investment Ozevren, Taysan Agriculture Ltd. establishing Co. has continued to invest in this area. Taysan agriculture within Pirelli, Aegean fertilizers, Toros Fertilizer, Record Development, Timagro, 10000 tonnes in 2005, taking the dealership Limagrain has established its manufacturing facilities certified seed by horizontal and vertical tanks. Kashan and the surrounding areas, about 2,000 acres of wheat, barley, triticale, continues to produce rice seed varieties."


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