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"Teta Technical Agriculture set up by zoo technicians who are experts in animal production and is a company operating in this area. co-founders of the company have academic degrees in cattle breeding and animal breeding issues. Teta Technical Agriculture livestock and livestock, especially in engineering, consulting, project design, in the feed industry as well as machinery and equipment supply services can provide solutions in machine and advanced technology. Teta Technical Agriculture investment project planning of this kind are not only satisfied with their knowledge. to benefit from specialized national and international organizations and companies have been reached on these issues and the latest information on behalf of livestock also provides an ongoing basis. work areas with Turkey representative of the firms which are presented in the attached list. Both these companies are located and all kinds of projects carried out in the equipment can be obtained from other companies both need to be seen. On the other hand TETA Technical Agriculture provides links to breeders in Europe and America providing firmalarintürkiye known. Teta Technical Agriculture dairy cattle of the most advanced in the region of Izmir and made all numerous projects in Turkey. In addition, the country's and Europe's largest integrated company has integrated facilities AYTAC counted as livestock project investments. AYTAC dairy company has 1,200 sagmallik capacity. 10,000 head capacity of the planned project, then AYTAC feedlots are also included. In System also it has a capacity of 2,500 milch sheep business. Teta Technical Agriculture is not only personally experienced in the management of the projected investment is not large cattle operation. For example, the company's founder doç.dr.öm is Tömek 1983 he founded the Turkey's largest dairy farm (farm Balaban) and directed by 3.5 years. Teta Technical Agriculture forage production in large organizations such feed preparation and distribution, we can supply any contribution in areas such as new fertilizer cots. In short, as we tried to summarize the Teta Technical Agriculture, almost all the technical contributions of the major large livestock facilities in our country provides. This is our service we ask you to know that we are ready to offer for you. If you have reached the advanced stage of your investment can also contribute to this process. LIVESTOCK INVESTMENT PROJECT AS A WHOLE of TETA is COMPANY ONLY. all kinds will be in operation in the investments made in restructuring, technology selection, feed programs, technical personnel and management training, forage production, annual planning, preparation of work packages for each sub-unit of the company, be encouraged to incorporate, etc, matters are made design. In this context it is regarded as the whole project work. Beyond that the project carried out continuously transferring information to business consultancy and is involved in the project realized when appropriate, consisting of all kinds of innovations in the world. TETA has been a leader in almost every development in the Turkish livestock. If we are to sort them into the main ingredients:  1.Türkiye professionally in the establishment of the first modern business (400 dairy cattle) and managing over 4 years (Year: 1983)  2. Many large enterprises understand the project planning professional,  3. the establishment of the first diagonal parlor,  4. Establish the first rapid exit parlor  5. The design of appropriate first barn to house animals in natural conditions,  6. Establishment of the first computerized herd management system,  7. Establishment of automation within the first barn,  8. the first basement floor (bunk) Establishment of milking systems,  9. The design of the first farming system 10. The first is the establishment of village parlor. "


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