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"Haystacks began his service as individual company in 1976. Agriculture, the agricultural sector, seeing the difficulties faced by our farmers in the production and transport, in particular the principle of honesty, 3 with quality production and service concept - February - 1984 by Hüseyin finish was converted into a joint stock company. Board of Directors; Hussein finish, finish, and Hulya finish Musharraf 'skin is made. Our company single and double axle trailers, water and fuel tanks, tractor rear loader, rotary drum Mower, generator cabinet and chassis, as well as special production of all kinds are made depending on customer demand. All of our products T.S.E., ISO 9001 and CE certified. Products Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, and the number is delivered to farmers by our dealers who reach 80.   Our company is exporting to Nigeria and many European countries. By extending our machine 400 ton presses and itself produce a up most of the spare parts of the machine system, also it serves as Sanai. Our company contributes to the national economy and maintaining its investments in various businesses in order to increase employment in 1991, the business has become the main Opel car dealership in Balıkesir. Haystacks Automotive Inc. the sale of the Opel cars, we provide service and spare parts service. Automobile sales in the year 2005 within our Chevrolet, we've included service and spare parts service. Continuing its investment Hussein finish in 1997 Haystacks Haystacks Insurance and Petroleum (Petrol Ofisi) has added to the dealership in Balıkesir businesses. To continue to work according to the same principles in its inception, our organization does not compromise the quality of today accepts a job next year."


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