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"In Turkey the market continues to grow steadily Titano, the Turkish agricultural sector, ""export"" to the entire world and operates in many countries with successful and Titano brand offers products with domestic production. Titano, the beginning of the year 2013'l known abroad thanks to successful sales and marketing strategies pursued in overseas markets since and has become a preferred brand of the brand. Titano branded product related to agriculture and livestock, with a population of more than a billion European, are used safely every time in more than 40 countries in Asia and Africa. Titano brand, the sector included in the Foreign Trade Undersecretariat's world class brand that is poised to become one of the Turkish brand. Turqualty'den program with support to increase the efficiency by strengthening its brand image in overseas markets, aims to accelerate its market share and strengthen its sales efforts on new continents. Titano as a Turkish brand finds its rightful place in the large and important markets such as Africa with great success in the fight against global brands in the world and remains the market leader in Turkey marks. Foreign markets can manage the best place, Titano believes in the importance of being close to the market, Turkey is more powerful with partners in Germany and America. The importance of the values ​​it represents and who knows the power of Titano everywhere proudly introduces the brand to a Turkish brand."


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  • Authorized Person: Ahmet Ustaoglu

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