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"said the biggest question may delight in the lives of successful people, ""I did it"" can be say. But the most difficult with ""We Made It"" is to say. Because forward to bringing new work coming together of two people is not so easy. Yes, Thrace Agriculture and Veterinary Tic. Ltd. Co. as a seed brand of ""We Make"" we can say. Teamwork is the basis of this success, ""the spirit of lies. Founded in 1995, Thrace Agriculture and Veterinary Tic. Ltd. Sti Turkey today in the world is located in the space between the giant seed.      By applying the latest technology with an experienced production team, we have to cooperate with domestic and foreign companies, our mission professionally and most importantly, giving confidence to be a service company that provides direction to the seed industry Turkey.     Thrace Agriculture and Veterinary Co.Ltd. 100% financing are met and there is no established with domestic capital and foreign subsidiaries. Our company has an experienced team with wheat, barley, oats, triticale, production and reclamation work in rice and fodder crops. As a result of improvement works we have done so far 7 of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum), 1 Durum wheat (triticum case), 2 Barley (Hordeum vulgare), 1 oat (Avena sativa), 1 Triticale (Triticale) and 1 ordinary vetch (Vicia sativa) have developed varieties to farmers and we offer our services. We develop new wheat and promote our farmers barley varieties in general held on agricultural fair in Turkey, in the practical field days in the land which was organized by our company and we have been through trial and demonstration work we have done in the farmers' fields. An annual average of 12,000 - 13,000 in total area of ​​6,000 - 7,000 tons of certified seed production we are doing. Seed processing and packaging built on 10,000 m2 of land in Tekirdag province, 4,000 m2 warehouse is done in our own seed processing plant. fluid during preparation of the seed spraying system is used. Our seed with fungicide against fungal diseases that can be passed from the soil, and against harmful disinfected with an appropriate insectisit cost. Then it is offered for sale with the 50 kg sack packaging. Beet Cooperative, including particularly our seed sales, Agricultural Credit Cooperatives is done through the Chambers of Agriculture and our dealers. with certified new varieties it has developed in line with the demand as we sell the seed to produce the right kind of our production to other seed companies have been making conditions in the agreement. As we make sales to Turkey are also making sales market in certified seed abroad. (Bulgaria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Syria, etc.). So far, our farmers resistant to disease, without compromising quality, high quality, and develop productive varieties and to get more products in the same outlay in kind of our unit area, and we continue our efforts to earn more income. The next few years will continue to develop the most efficient and highest quality varieties. Besides seed also Trakya Agriculture and Veterinary Tic. Ltd. In the STI structure Trakpest registered trademark in the field of Environment and Public Health, we serve in the Integrated Pest Control. Spraying our services T. C. We continue without harming the environment and people using licensed products of the Ministry of Health."


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