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The member of the ANDIFLI INVESTMENT GROUP in the seed sector is TROYA TOHUM. TROYA TOHUM with 40 years of experience and knowledge in Turkish seed production, national and international wide network, young and dynamic technical team and a new understanding in 2013 was founded in Antalya, Aksu, Kursunlu, on 69 acres of land. TROYA SEED, with its modern greenhouses, humidity and temperature controlled warehouses, laboratories equipped with the latest technology, biological testing units, seed production units, data evaluation software at the breeding stages and many other research and development equipment, makes seed breeding and production. TROYA SEED has given priority to tomato, pepper, melon and watermelon species and their sub segments in breeding programs. TROYA TOHUM, with its research and development team with high expertise and experience, has carried a considerable part of the vegetable seeds that it continues to develop in its own facilities to the licensing and market stage in both our country and different countries. TROYA SEED is also the partner of some overseas seed producers in our country. TROYA SEED, carefully selects the seeds of vegetables suitable for the geography and climate of our country. After testing for sufficient time in the test greenhouses and open field conditions, it imports, disseminates and enables them to reach farmers. TROYA SEED aims to be one of the most reputable companies of import substitution domestic seed which will reduce the dependence of seed on imports and foreign currency. The member of the ANDIFLI INVESTMENT GROUP in the nursery sector is GÜNEY FIDE. GÜNEY FIDE, established in 2013 in Mersin, Akdeniz, Adanalioglu, on a land of 70 decares, has an annual production capacity of 230 million pieces of vegetable seedlings and of grafted 20 million pieces of vegetable seedlings. GÜNEY FIDE has the feature of being the first and only seedling plant of our country, where the temperature, humidity, lighting and irrigation factors that will be needed during the development period of the seedling will be maintained in every square meter of 50 decare monolithic production area. GÜNEY FIDE is equipped with the latest production and information technologies that the sector has reached, from order to seeding, from air conditioning to delivery of products.


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