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"Parenchyma in 2009, our company entered the agricultural sector under the Agricultural Advisory name, has been on track two years advises clients after presenting services to farmers in the agriculture market experience and a team formed to be a productive company that can meet all the needs. In 2011, under a new name accomplishing this goal has led to the production facility and laboratory. Tue Agriculture Industry and Trade Limited Company was founded in 2011, fertilizer production, is a Turkish company that provides laboratory and consulting services. The technological equipment and innovative team, since its establishment has made a name in the market and in a short time has achieved important things. The main objective is to reach the Turkish farmers informed and profitable production companies; Starting from the customer to the soil analysis, the product will be used throughout the growing (seeds, fertilizers) in obtaining the appropriate price, to prepare the application table, according to analysis of data and grown products and all kinds of experienced agronomists gives agricultural support. Quality products, the most reasonable price, soon working with a customer to deliver a firm understanding that each day poses new dealer networks in various regions of Turkey. "


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