"TULSAN brand since 1975 has an important place in the market focused on Portable Milking Machines, Fixed System Automatic Milking Machines, Water Bowls for animals, Mills Machines, Grinding Machines and water pumps with high quality production. Starting from 2009 TULSAN has started its activities under Fisek Group which has internationally well known reputation in the market. FISEK GROUP has already completed investments to TULSAN brand about the renewal of all production lines with the expansion of capacity. Our vision is to produce innovative, high quality and efficient machinery , in order to continue our well known reputation within the country and abroad. International Standards for the registration of products have been registered with CE certification, production lines and After Sales Service Compliance Certificate of Eligibility with the registration of TSE has been issued. Quality management system certificate ISO has been issued by authorities. Product development is being restructured according to the needs of actual technology and increasing standards. Tulsan Milking Machines with their unique design and efficiency has already applied for the patent right in order to secure Tulsan designs. TULSAN has started to install high quality milking Parlors till the mid of 2011. TULSAN is able to supply all required products, spare parts for milking parlors, milking machines by its dealers in Turkey and by representatives worldwide."


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Wood Cutting & Branch Cutting Machine supply
Tempo Type Double Milking Machine (Cow) supply
Tea and Plant Collection Machine  supply
Smart Cow Brush Machine supply
Reduction System Water Pumps supply
Mobile Milkin System 12 Goat Milking supply
Mills Machine supply
Milking Machinery with Gasoline Engine supply
Milk Cooling Tank 332 Liters supply
Grinding Machine supply
Dough Mixer supply
Cream Seperator supply
Classic Type Double Milking Machine supply
 Tomato Paste Machine supply
 3+1 Transmission Honda Engine Rotary Tiller supply

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